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Redbud Cabin

Reservations have begun for the grand opening of Redbud Cabin! This whole process began about 2 years ago, we've planned, we've spent many hours building, and we FINALLY see the light at the end of the tunnel shining through! It's been very exciting to see all the planning and designing all come together. Even though the cabins are new, the decor that we chose tells a story. Some of the furniture and finishing items are actually antiques, which were purchased over the last 2 years. At the time we began the build, I wasn't completely sure what direction I would be going for in design for the interior, but once I thought about the story I wanted it to tell, I knew exactly what I would choose for colors, to furniture and everything in between.

When you stay at Redbud cabin, your view out the large windows in the living area and bedroom, is the countryside of Oklahoma, red dirt and all. We have lots of trees; evergreens with various species of deciduous trees, including native Redbud trees. Redbuds are spectacular in the spring with the deep pink blooms. Later, the blooms turn into heart shaped leaves. Not far from the cabin is the pond. Redbud has a roomy front porch, where you can view wildlife that makes their home here at Cole's Ranch. Many species of birds, our resident deer, as well as our resident Blue Heron, Harriet. Enjoy morning coffee from the front porch while you take in the serenity of quiet the country has to offer. If the weather isn't quite suited for morning coffee outside, no worries, the views from the windows are lovely too!

Redbud is approximately 640 square feet, with living area, oversized comfy sofa and chair, with dining table for 2, fully equipped kitchen with stove and oven and full sized refrigerator. The bedroom includes a queen sized bed, and full bath with antique tub. The water closet where the toilet is located, has special doors, much like would be seen in an old west saloon. Both the old tub and cafe doors are the nod to the old west of Oklahoma. Have a wonderful soak in the tub, or a nice hot shower, we've modernized the old girl to suit the needs of the 21st century traveler. We've used a wall treatment in the living area, and bedroom, and included all the trim in the same fashion, that evokes the years after the land run, where folks settled and built houses and barns. I have a love for old barns, and many old farm houses in Oklahoma had plank siding that was often painted white, so I combined the 2, to create interior walls that wink at "old Oklahoma". Interior colors are calming and serene. We've included a large TV and DVD player for those nights when relaxing with a good movie sounds best. But, you'll have to pretend it's 1980 as there is no wifi or cable, only antenna, which does get quite a few channels, including local channels.

Bring food with you to cook meals in the cabin, or try some of our local restaurants. The town of Luther is just 5 miles south and has 2 restaurants open, (we'll be including more information on places to eat on our website prior to opening), or head in to Arcadia, about 15 miles west, and try Chicken Shack. Do you enjoy fresh eggs? You can pre order a half dozen or 1 dozen eggs for your stay, which will be in the refrigerator upon arrival.

And we do hope, you will schedule a time to come down a short walking distance to meet all the animals of Jess's Haven, our non profit rescue/sanctuary for horses and donkeys.

Are you ready for a visit? We hope so!

I would love to add some of the more recent pictures of the interior, not sure what the issue is with the website that won't see all the pictures from the cloud, I have posted on our Facebook page if you would like to see. Hopefully we will be able to get this glitch fixed soon!

Hope each one of you has a wonderful New Year ahead!


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