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Redbud Cabin to open soon!

From dream to reality, here we are! This time last year we were looking at the possibility of having ranch rental cabins. Last year it was just a dream, 1 year later, we're close to opening our first ranch rental cabin! Family and friends kept mentioning how much they enjoyed our ranch, the peaceful beauty of it, wanting to camp out on the NE corner, near the pond. Those comments gave us a vision, then a plan. It's been a year of research, planning, scheduling and work, work, work. We've worn many hats during this process: designer and contractor in all phases of construction, from contractor to laborer. Redbud Cabin will be the first rental to open (coming soon), soon following will be Cedar Cabin. Redbud Cabin is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath cabin with living room and fully equipped kitchen. Cedar Cabin is a studio cabin, with kitchenette. Both cabins offer front porch seating to watch wildlife, sunsets, and star gaze!

Redbud Cabin is schedule to open first. I'll be posting updates for opening days as well as pricing. Bookings can be made directly through our website and you can always call or email with questions regarding ranch stays.

When you visit, schedule some time with us to meet our 17 donkeys and horses, chickens and probably a couple of the dogs! Our ranch also serves as an animal sanctuary for our 42 donkeys, horses, chickens, dogs and cats. Most of our horses, donkeys and dogs are rescues. Several of our horses and donkeys came from killpens in Oklahoma and Texas. We also have a few deer that call Cole's Ranch home, and a few wild turkeys that pass through.

Pictured above: Redbud Cabin

Cedar Cabin (left) and Redbud Cabin (right).

See you soon!


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