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Reserving Redbud Cabin

Just some information on seeing the Cabins calendar for reservations.

On the website, scroll down to “Book Your Stay Now!” And click on the blue box that says search.

The next screen that will pop up will say Dates in the left hand corner. Just below dates, click on the box that says “check in”. By clicking the “check in” box, it will generate the calendar to pop up. To navigate to upcoming months, just click on the arrow on the top right and you will be able to scroll upcoming months. There is an arrow in the left corner to click on to take you back.

Once you have found the date you would like to reserve just click on that day, that day will turn green on the calendar for your chosen “check in” day. Move the cursor to the date you will check out and click. Your “check out” day will also turn green, with the days of your stay will also turn turn green on the calendar. The right part is the screen will then pop up with a “Booking summary” which shows the total cost, along with breakdown of total. Below the calendar will be a “continue” box that you click on to continue making your reservation for your stay!

I’m not able to add a video here on the blog, however, I did post a video on making your reservation on our FB page - Cole’s Ranch Cabins.

If you have any questions or need to speak with us at anytime, you can leave us a message here on the website or send an email to:

We look forward to your visit!


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