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We are ready for your visit!

It's about time, right?! Here we are spring 2024 and the first of the cabins at Cole's Ranch, is ready for your visit!

It's a beautiful time of year, trees and flowers are waking from their sleep, spring flowers are raising their beautiful heads, their are new calves at our neighbors and chicks and ducklings here, on the ranch! The views and sounds from the cabin are spectacular! Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and all you can hear are the lovely songs of a variety of birds that make their homes at Cole's Ranch. You might even hear the brays of donkeys and the crow of a couple of roosters too! And the nighttime sky, well, it's a stunning show of lights!

The ranch is a tranquil place to renew your mind and spirit and take in fresh air and unwind. Stroll around 35 acres of pasture and wooded areas, sit by the pond, read a book or 2, visit the animals of Jess's Haven, and just enjoy quiet and peace!

So, here's a little peek at the newly finished cabin. Keep checking our Facebook page and our website for more pictures as we post! And reservations can be made here on our website!! So, what are you waiting for, come visit!!

See you soon!


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